Nouns : 007 Plural Nouns

This printed activity offers pupils the opportunity to apply the rules as detailed in Nouns : 005. It begins by re-iterating the spelling rules for referral purposes and continues with three exercises in which pupils are requires to make given nouns plural an utilise them in context. …[read more]

Nouns 006 : Irregular plurals

This list of irregular nouns groups nouns whose plurals are formed in similar ways into categories. It is by no means exhaustive but it is sufficient to provide a good reference point for plurals that refuse to follow any of the rules. …[read more]

Nouns : 005 Making Nouns Plural

This activity by Brian Caruthers Considers the various ways in which -s or -es is added to a singular noun to make it plural and the circumstances under each occurs. It also looks at special cases where a noun might end in …[read more]