Nouns : 005 Making Nouns Plural

Making nouns plural rules

Making nouns plural – spelling rules : Objective : to understand the way in which the spelling of a noun changes when it is made plural depending upon the circumstances surrounding the way in which it’s ending is spelt.

This activity by Brian Caruthers Considers the various ways in which -s or -es is added to a singular noun to make it plural and the circumstances under each occurs. It also looks at special cases where a noun might end in

  • a consonant + y,
  • a vowel + y
  • -f or – fe, 
  • a consonant followed by o, with exceptions
  • and, of course the completely irregular plurals which either change form or stay the same.

The information is interspersed with activities which allow pupils to practise the changes. Although it is a PowerPoint presentation, as well as being available for download, it seems to display well on mobile devices including the iPad and would be ideal for use with an interactive whiteboard. 


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