Several years ago whilst serving as a primary school teacher in Barnsley, South Yorkshire I decided that as I seemed to be spending a good deal of my time searching the internet for information and activities that would compliment my lessons. It struck me that many colleagues would be doing exactly the same and so I decided to put the fruits of my searching on line, together with stuff that I had created myself when my search turned up nothing useful.

Time rolled on and I took a step back from teaching but the website was still popular and so I kept it going. At the time of its creation I had elected to use Joomla! as my content management system of choice. I later realised that WordPress offered more flexibility but, what the heck, I had left the classroom and the site functioned perfectly adequately; that is until PHP 5.5 rolled round and broke it completely.

This being the case I took the site down but was immediately contacted by colleagues whom had begun to rely on some of the activities, notably “Tables Thing”, as it came to be called. So, in deference to them I put the activities back up in a jerry-rigged site until I had the time to rebuild. With 2015 arriving this seemed like the time to put in the effort and the site you see is the result.

I have sectioned the site by subject and also used a small number of icons to indicate the class of resource to which a particular post or article belongs:

reference Denotes reference material giving information or instruction. 
worksheet Identifies printable skills development activities – used to be called worksheets but thats not fashionable any more…
comment Indicates commentary – might be my opinion, might be someone else’s…
grammar Denotes that the materials are an interactive, online resource – note that where such resources are based on Adobe Flash they will not function on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


Disclaimer:  A variety of links and copyright free images have been utilised in order to bring this site together. If however there is anything here which either needs specific permission or causes offence I shall be happy to take the offending items down upon receiving a reasonable request.