Tables thing


This activity was originally created so that my class could get competitive with themselves about improving tables knowledge.It allows pupils to have a score which they can compare to their previous bests and see the improvement they make over time …[read more]



This comprehensive suite of printable activities from provides apmle opportunity to practise with analogue and digital clocks. Exercises include activities with later and earlier times, the 24 hour cock and converting digital to analogue times. …[read more]

Adjectives 002


This activity initially asks pupils to identify the adjective in the sentence and then change it to an adjective that means the exact opposite. In the second part of the activity sentences need to be rewritten twice, changing the meanings of the sentences by changing the adjective. The first one is done as an example …[read more]

Adjectives 001


This activity gives pupils the opportunity to get to grips with adjectives in a contextual setting with nouns, both recognising and using adjectives. It also gives a flavour of the way in which adjectives can be used, not only to affect meaning but to influence the feelings of the intended audience and produce an emotional response. …[read more]

Short Division


This excellent suite of printable activities by provides a wide variety of short division activities to accommodate most requirements. …[read more]

Nouns : 007 Plural Nouns


This printed activity offers pupils the opportunity to apply the rules as detailed in Nouns : 005. It begins by re-iterating the spelling rules for referral purposes and continues with three exercises in which pupils are requires to make given nouns plural an utilise them in context. …[read more]